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About Us

In 2017, Frank Buzan and Lisa Buzan Smith acquired PIMA Valve.  Over the past 18 months they have been busy expanding Pima Valve’s capabilities by adding new state of the art machining equipment, hiring new employees  and establishing a full time sales network through their sister co., JA Moody.

We produced our first valves in 1967 and with an obvious dedication to quality, PIMA VALVE was quickly recognized as a leader in the commercial and marine valve markets. Our leadership continues through our extraordinary commitment to what we believe are fundamental business and manufacturing practices; use top grade materials; incorporate technologically advanced machining processes; employ the best qualified personnel; maintain safe, environmentally friendly and efficient facilities and always exceed customer expectations.

Frank Buzan, CEO  and Lisa Buzan Smith, President

Lisa Buzan Smith, President and Tom Kane, General Manager

We take great pride in our abilities to manufacture an ever-widening array of standardized production valves. However, we are especially proud of our abilities to produce your non-standardized products. Give us general product dimensions, materials specifications and application requirements and we can quickly generate engineered drawings of your finished product. Our in-house craftsmen will use these drawings, or drawings of your own to produce all necessary foundry patterns. Whether it’s the reproduction of an older valve, modification of current catalog valve or the innovative design of a new valve, we can fill your order.

The PIMA Team

Jason Cummings, Purchasing Adrienne Link, Sales Coordinator  Ashley Christie, Inside sales

Brandon Nahsonhoya, Quality Inspector  Dexter Van Riper, Engineering  Tom Kane, General Manager  Aaron Machuga Quality Manager

Chris Jackson, Shop Supervisor Frank Buzan, CEO  Mack Lish, Production Manager Brandon Nahsonhoya, Quality Inspector   Aaron Machuga , Quality Manager

The PIMA Office Team

Pima Engineering Team Dexter Van Riper Lead Engineer, Toyosi Williams Engineer Intern, Eli Raigoza, Process Engineer, Vanessa Rivera Engineer Intern


Ensuring that all employees can perform a multitude of functions maximizes the potential of our machine operators. Add more than 90 years of combined experience and expertise of our owners / officers to our standard training practices and you will find that Pima Valve personnel can consistently provide unsurpassed levels of flexibility and ingenuity. Because we understand that customers rely on our ability to get their job done right, on time and as promised, our senior production staff maintain timely production schedules matching requirements with capacity.

As you peruse the contents of this section, you will see that Pima Valve can furnish you with a wide variety of bronze, flanged marine products. It will become clear that Pima Valve is owned and managed by people who have a great deal of experience in the Marine, Industrial and Commercial arenas, thus giving you ease of mind and the comfort of knowing that we “have been there and done that”; That we know how to schedule material and actually make promise dates; That your product will be manufactured with new material and all labor will be performed by Americans in Chandler, Arizona.

It will also become clear that Pima Valve has an exceptional Quality Assurance Program thus assuring the best built equipment, good for years to come [we have valves on the AO and TAO Fleet Oiler ships that have been in service for over 20 years without so much as a spare part having been furnished]. Our quality system has been audited and approved by the Department of Defense, the United States Coast Guard, NGSS-Newport News, NGSS-Ingalls Operation, Bath Iron Works, Brown and Root Engineering, ARAMCO Services Company and a host of others.

While reviewing the profile of Pima customers and global projects, you will notice the breadth of our business experience. Since 1967, Pima Valve has furnished high quality valves to the shipyards of America for use of everything from Mine Counter measure ships to Guided Missile Cruisers to Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carriers and Submarines. We have furnished valves for offshore oil and gas platforms in Italy, China and Persian Gulf for the most exacting commercial customers.

Pima Valve LLC can help your organization reach its federally mandated subcontracting goals.

Section 832 of Public of Public Law 101-189 revised DFARS 252.219-7000 to permit work performed on Indian Lands to be credited towards DOD Prime Contractors goals. Pima Valve LLC is located on the Gila River Indian Reservation.