Positive Material Identification


For those customers that may have a Positive Material Identification (PMI) requirement, Pima Valve has the capabilities to do such. Fees are dependent on the extent of the requirement. PMI takes two primary forms. The first is called Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES) and is generally more difficult and time consuming. The second, and more user-friendly method, is called X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF). As the name implies, it fires X-rays at the subject metal and determine its composition. An XRF Analyzer is shaped like an over-sized ray gun from a science fiction show [...]

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Contract Awards


Pima Valve would like to take a moment to say thank you to Huntington Ingalls for the contract award on the Deepwater National Security Cutter project (NSC-9). This contract is for a variety of Gate Valves (Stainless Steel & Bronze) with electric motor operators. NSC 10/11 two ship buy order was received in October 2018. We look forward to working with Huntington Ingalls to supply these valves for this project. We were also awarded a contract with the US Navy. This award is for the TAO project. We will be supplying [...]

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The Inside Scoop


The time has come and gone so quickly. We want to take a moment and let you know that we take pride in giving back. Pima Valve throughout the year helps the community. We give to many organizations. We have given to the Shriners to send kids to the circus and then again to give many kids a chance to receive a very Merry Christmas. We sponsored a Basketball team for one of our employees. Another employee we helped supply a softball league with equipment for the kids. When school rolled [...]

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Pima Valve has been acquired by J.A. Moody


BIG NEWS!! Pima Valve has been acquired by J.A. Moody, a long-time leader in the sales and service sector for the marine industry. Pima Valve will continue to produce the same quality valves at the same location with the same proficient and experienced people. It’s a big win for both companies as they team up to complement their respective areas of expertise. We welcome our new President, Lisa Smith and Chairman, Frank Buzan – both from J.A. Moody with combined decades of service and experience in the commercial and Navy actuation [...]

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Pima Valve, Inc. Turns 50!


In 1967, the newly formed company out of Downey, California became the first tenant in the PIMA – CHANDLER INDUSTRIAL PARK (later to become the LONE BUTTE INDUSTRIAL PARK). That new company began with twelve hard working and highly optimistic employees and has grown fourfold over these 50 years. We are particularly proud of our skilled workforce, machinists, pattern workers, assemblers, fitters, testers, draftsman, bookkeeper and management. Their commitment to excellence in product and service has made PIMA VALVE a household name in the navy and marine valve world. They average [...]

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